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According to the approved work division regulation on 2069/02/05,following work scopes are appointed for the Ministry:-

1)     Labour and Employment related policy,plan and program formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

2)     Workforce and labor market study, research, data collection and analysis,

3)     International Labour Organization and other labour related national and international organizations,

4)     Relationship between workers and employers

5)     Employment services and labor supply,

6)     Foreign Employment,

7)     Operation, co-ordination and promotion of professional training,

8)     Women, persons with disabilities, and workers' skills and training,

9)     Trade Union,

10)     Workers Social Security,

11)      Labour approval for foreigners

12)     Labour administration and management,

13)     Bonus provided for the workers and

14)      Co-ordination of job creating works.

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